Same But Different!

John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease.

2 cosmetic brushes-same but different“But ma’am,” I said, “these two brushes are not the same.”  I had just stepped out of the broiling South Carolina sun into the coolness of a high-end cosmetic store to exchange a purchase made in error the day before. “Do you see the differences?” I continued, “The new brush has long chiseled bristles, but my old one has bulging stumpy hairs.” Her flawlessly svelte face looked enquiringly at me as I plowed on. “My brush works just fine even though the wooden handle has fallen off.”

Though I was adamant, she quietly assured me that both her new brush and my old one were the same. Her velvet complexion surrounded perfectly enhanced lips as she spoke, “Natural bristle brushes do change, but their ability to provide full coverage continues. The goat and pony hair filaments wear away, but their excellent performance remains the same.”

Stunned, I stared at the two brushes. They looked so different, but they were the same type of brush. I hadn’t realized that my worn brush was diminishing daily because I loved it, and we worked well together. Suddenly, my Teacher and Guide, the Holy Spirit, used those two applicators to brush my soul with a glimmer of holy truth.

No matter how worn our physical bodies appear, to our Creator God, we are still the same! He is fully aware of joint pain and sagging flesh, and when we stumble under the Devil’s fiery darts, Jesus is there. He continues to draw great delight and pleasure in our relationship with Him. To our Father, we are still the same glorious creature He fashioned to reflect Him. We are different, but yet the same!

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