Blessings Make You Busy!

Order the hardware. Put up stock. Price the tomatoes. Call the gas company. Decide on the fertilizer.

Whew! My husband and his brother were busy back in those days of owning a small country grocery store. His  only free time was about 2 hours on Sunday afternoon; that is, if it wasn’t raining. Then the drain pipe would clog, and he would have to go clean it out.

cows huge herd

herd of cattle drinking water

Ussfiyeh Hoard of Tyrian Shekels & Other Coins. Eretz Israel Museum

Sheep farming in New Zealand

thousands of sheep on a hillside







God had lavishly blessed Abraham as recorded in Genesis 13:2. And those blessings undoubtedly created an immense workload for him. Consequently, Sarah would have been a busy lady also! John Butler states in his book, Abraham: The Father of the Jews, that Abraham may have had 1,000 men helping him with his vast herds of cattle, numerous flocks of sheep, and various corrals of camels, goats, and asses. Since theirs was a self-sufficient nomadic life, it would be logical to assume that many women were part of the clan, filling the roles of wives, mothers, maidservants to Sarah, medical personnel, and tent makers and repairers.

Oil Press for Abraham blog about Sarah

Jewelry ancient Persian bracelets for Abraham and Sarah blog Jan 2015

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How busy was Sarah? Did she fill her days from sunup to sundown with supervising perhaps 500 women?
See more thought-provoking questions about Sarah’s daily life below.

Click here to look at a chart that shows the places where Abraham acquired his wealth. Think about the huge compound Abraham must have commanded.   This included females, which would have created the need for Sarah to supervise and train them.

See below for more thought-provoking questions about Sarah’s leadership.

Look again at this chart and notice how many times the word, “all” is mentioned in the Bible verses which make us think about his wealth. Think about all the duties that Sarah may have acquired as the LORD kept blessing Abraham wherever he traveled.

Blessings make you busy!

More thought-provoking questions about Sarah’s daily life:

  • Did Sarah organize her women by teams of experts? Did she have a team of women who repaired the tents and spun the wool to make cloaks and blankets for the cool desert nights?
  • Was she a midwife and trained a skilled group of women to help her deliver all the babies? Did Sarah pass down the legacy of her midwifery skills  to her descendants, Shiprah and Puah, the courageous midwives during the Israelites’ Egyptian bondage?
  • Did she bind up the wounds when the shepherds and cowboys got hurt?

More thought-provoking questions about Sarah’s leadership qualities:

  • How did she help to assimilate the women into their clan while maintaining the status quo of herself and the other women?
  • What methods did she use to help Abraham explain this new faith and fatherhood of a great nation to the women so that they accepted and embraced it?
  • The Bible says she dealt hardly with Hagar and sent her away. Does this imply that she was accustomed to disciplining women under her leadership?