God Honors Our Grief

When our daughter died before birth, we bought a family plot. During those first shock-filled days of my hospital

She Lives With Jesus!

She Lives With Jesus!

confinement, my husband wandered in his own world of agony. Dragging his mind to the surface of sorrow, he chose plots, decided the place of interment, and signed the deed. Honoring Danielle narrowed to this one last choice: purchasing her final resting place. And, today, almost 30 years later, she rests under the shadow of a sweet sheltering tree in a green lush field that gazes upon the changing seasons of the nearby foothills.

Sarah’s death clawed at Abraham’s soul in Genesis chapter 23. And while his heart keened and wailed, he set about to buy her sepulcher. Between humbling guttural sobs and scattering sorrow, he negotiated with strangers. The final honor of providing a burying place for this woman whose legendary beauty and powerful legacy of faith would affect others for thousands of years was his privilege. Her tomb lay quietly at the end of a field, away from the hustle and bustle of business and surrounded by precious trees that stood in silent testimony to her greatness.

God honors our grief when we lose loved ones by providing a final resting place within our lovely memories of them. He speaks powerful words of hope and beauty into our hearts through His Word. (John 6:44) But, with great tenderness and love, His final great tribute to our grief was the death and resurrection of His Son so that we might live! Now, we can say along with Martha as she spoke about her brother Lazarus’ death , “I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.” (John 11:24) How the Almighty King of the Universe honors us as He inclines his ear toward our pitiful cries of sorrow (Psalm 116) and lifts us up out of the miry clay with His love! (Psalm 40:2)