Why is “angel of the LORD” repeated 4 times in Hagar’s story?

Hagar, tumblr_lbw9u39P8J1qddmknQuestion: Why does the phrase, “angel of the LORD” occur repetitively (4 times) in Hagar’s story found in Genesis 16:6-13?

The phrase, “angel of the LORD” is repeated 68 times in the King James Bible in 64 verses. Angel of the Lord refers to the pre-incarnate (before He was physically born in Bethlehem) appearances of Jesus Christ. The first time is in Sarah and Hagar’s story when Hagar despises Sarah, and her mistress treats her harshly, causing her to run away into the wilderness.

Why does the phrase, “angel of the LORD” occur four times in Geneses 16:6-13? As repetition is an obvious pattern in stories of Bible women, it is important to linger long enough to gather some understanding. This small phrase bursts with significance when we realize who it represents.

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