We Can Copy and Paste Sarah!

We Can Copy and Paste Sarah!

Copy and PasteAwkward

From the days of onionskin copies to today’s copy and paste option, the ability to duplicate has taken a quantum leap. I remember the barely discernible 5th sheet of translucent brownish paper carefully   sandwiched between carbon. Sometimes, it was almost indecipherable because the pressure of the keys was  insufficient to make a solid impression.

Today, with a few delicate clicks on the keyboard, a myriad of pages can be duplicated in just seconds, including pictures, clip art, and other graphics. Copying someone is easy, and the process is simple.

Leap of Faith

There is a spiritual parallel here that enables us to understand how we can copy and paste Sarah’s journey to faith into our own lives. Faith is the link between God’s plan for us and our physical ability to fulfill that plan. In Hebrews 11:11, the Bible records that:

Through faith also Sara herself received strength to conceive seed, and was delivered of a child when she was past age, because she judged him faithful who had promised.

Sara received strength through faith to conceive Isaac. She physically remained married and faithful to Abraham. This enabled her to fulfill God’s will for her which was to conceive Isaac.

Copy Sarah’s Command to You

One of the ways that we can “copy and paste” Sarah’s action into our own Christian lives is to keep physically doing the things that we know are God’s will for us. It is then that God will strengthen us, like Sarah, to conceive the spiritual seed of His will that seems impossible for us to deliver.

Paste Sarah’s Command

For example, perhaps it seems impossible to others (and to us!) that we, as Christian women, can work with non-believers who ridicule our faith. But we continue to physically work each day, to focus on the Lord rather than react to their taunts, and to refuse to be polarized. God then uses our willingness as a sign of our faith that He will do as He promises to “…work all things together for good” (Romans 8:28). The seed of the Gospel is conceived in their non-believing hearts, and a new life in Christ is delivered into their lives!

Sarah’s Message to You

We can copy Sarah’s physical tenacity (because we, like her, believe God is faithful) into our own spiritual goals. As we “paste” her pattern of physically continuing to do that which God commands, others become amazed at His working in our lives!

God promises — We believe Him – -Our faith becomes stronger — We receive complete (body, soul, spirit) strength through faith — We physically act in the direction of God’s will. — Miracles happen — God gets the glory!

Try it! You can “copy and paste” Sarah’s physical tenacity to do His will into your life. Watch God duplicate His glory in you through faith!